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wow huge thanks!! So if i assume with the minimum grade qualifications - Local uni, pass, F + 2 years experience, i can expect 3.7+? Also local uni is better? (seen some previous posts that they favor local uni degree over overseas degree?)
yup, should be between 3.5 to 3.7k. your 2 years exp might not count for much and is considered same level as fresh grad. i wouldn't exactly know current market rates as fluctuations do occur with the economy/ demand and supply. if it reduced to 3.3k to 3.5k, i wouldn't be surprised too, in current situation.

for unis, i wouldn't say favor, but as per anywhere in the world, the better uni you go, the perception that they have more rigorous standards as compared to overseas uni like in aussie. this is a function of local unis being ranked higher and more reputable in the world. I'm sure they have some guidelines. i know someone who was hired who was from aussie uni, was paid lower than local uni grads, with all other things equal.
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