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Been in both public sector tech and FAANG. If you don't want your skills to rot, avoid going public sector. Most people I know there hate their jobs as there is a lot of project management of vendors even with the engineer designation. As a fresh grad, I believe the most important focus is to grow and learn as much as you can during the early stages of your career. Hope it is clear for you to decide
Hi! Mind if you share what your roles were in both sectors?
I thought both DSO (i'm just taking it as a stat board although i know its not) & GovTech is doing some cutting edge tech like robotics and AI? Understand that certain roles like procurement in DSTA would fit the project management area but not all public tech sector organizations would be like that I believe, especially GovTech/DSO?? Also, 1st few years before senior level would definitely be technical work which would be transferrable?
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