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hi all,

i have been working for my current job for ten yrs, and feel like moving on in terms of prospect and better pay (current pay also on the low end of salary guide, very minimal increase, feel like stagnant after ten yrs).....recently i have been offer a job and the starting pay is only difference 5%, i did some research and found out that the norm is around 15-30%, so i have asking to at least get 10%, but they mention now on 5% and after confirmation will have adjustment, but cannot confirm the figure, that's the uncertainty. so my question is, should i take up this offer now, or keep on looking? since now is year end, will be getting yr end 13th month bonus soon, leaving now and getting a 5% difference compare to current average pay is very minimal....pls advice, thanks

current pay package
21d leave
aws (13th month)
grp health insurance
medical + dental
local company
working location: 35mins distance

new job package
temp to perm
14d leave
NO aws
medical + dental
starting pay is abt 5-6% more than current avr pay
working location: 75mins distance
Not worth the effort, annual leave like sai and travel so far only for 5% increment!? Forget it lar, in SG jump ship should go for minimum 20% increase. If itís jump to bigger role, can go for 25% to 30%.
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