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Originally Posted by localacctundergrad View Post
Hi all, final year student from one of the local uni acct programs. Currently FCH.

Internship experiences include a Risk advisory stint at a Big 4. Think internal audit and enterprise risk mgmt implementation. Not rly a fan of Big 4 cos of the long hours and low starting pay but all my peers, bc of old mindset reasons, want to go b4 so i do feel a bit of peer pressure there.

Should i go for big 4 again or MNCs/Banks as my first job? For MNCs, I am looking more at Management Associate Programmes and for Banks, I am looking at Risk Management/Compliance roles. Also, how difficult is it to get those roles?

Thanks all
i recommend u go for GrabFood Food Delivery Graduate Programme
or Tray Returning Ambassador Management Associate
or Temperature Screener (Risk Management)
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