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Originally Posted by Minicks View Post
First off, no need to feel offended, humiliated, insulted or any of such nonsense emotions. At the end of the day, whatever they choose to call you, you are applying for a basic admin close to brainless job & nobody really cares about your qualification, career aspiration, culture fit etc.

Last time when I hire for this kind of job in a Dutch MNC, our only criteria is “dun sound like an idiot, dun look like a gangster”. Of course we go through motion pretend to read CV, ask “strategic” questions etc, but that’s the truth for you.

I mean no insult, just telling you the truth. As for salary, although you dun have direct experience, my take is you should take up jobs that at least match your current pay. Any company that tell you no direct experience etc. is lying, there is not much specialized expertise that can be gained from having a few years of experience in a basic admin job. Important thing is attitude and resourcefulness, that’s all.
Thumbs up your honest reply
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