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Hi to everyone who replied to my post #12059, thanks for the informative replies.
I graduated from NUS ISS GDipsa. May I ask why LTA over DSTA? Other than the reviews on DSTA glassdoor it being a more specialized? Would think that DSTA is a technical SB and hence would be better for SWE.

I was the replier for the above, to me LTA better cos

LTA have self-managed IT division such as
In-house IT Group
Transport Technology Group
Tech and Industry Dev Group

DSTA got what?
classified 1 - Army
classified 2 - Navy
classified 3 - Air Force
classified 4 - Special Ops

so 5 years down the road, you wanna move to other places... the interviewer asked you what have you achieved for the pass 5 years.. you said classified?!?!
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