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Hi to everyone who replied to my post #12059, thanks for the informative replies.
I graduated from NUS ISS GDipsa. May I ask why LTA over DSTA? Other than the reviews on DSTA glassdoor it being a more specialized? Would think that DSTA is a technical SB and hence would be better for SWE.
not sure about SWE in particular, but in general most engineers in DSTA end up doing a lot of project management work one way or the other as you go up the hierarchy, since it is primarily a defence acquisition agency. not to say there is no SWE work either, but my impression is rather than DSTA, DSO is the more technical oriented organization in the local defence sector.

skills transferability is also an issue if you are not committed here long term for a career, since a lot of projects here are very niche application to military, and also you cannot really talk about your projects for security reasons.

that said i can't speak for LTA. starting pay should also be quite high for engineers in DSTA.
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