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How old are you? I feel very stress when ppl tell me I am going to be a beggar in old age. They say we need 3 million for retirement. To live in comfort.
I am 54, my wife 53.

Sold away FH inter-interrace. Got a 999-yr condo under my wife's name. Loan for 3 yrs as interest rate is lower than CPF OA rate. Will fully settle after that.

I have about $1.1M in OA and SA. I have some savings from insurance. I don't think I got much, about $250k if I surrender. My wife about the same.

My wife and I have about another about $1m in liquid assets - stocks and cash.

We are very tired after working for 30+ yrs. Kids are in their 20s and finishing their local tertiary education. Looking to retire in 2-3 yrs time.

I do not believe I am well off. I would say comfortable.

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