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Aiyah dont bother thinking about working in the construction industry - the progression is just too slow, businesses are squeezed coz engineers here are cost center (projects are awarded for the lowest price and consultants are squeezed in the end) and the return does not justify the risk. If something goes wrong ppl may get injured, u end up in jail and cant work for the rest of ur life in the industry..

i graduated from nus civil fch a few years back and worked in mnc consultancy for more than 3 years. Starting pay 3.5 in the first year and got an increment to 3.6 in the 2nd year. Worked my ass off and also tried bring some digital innovation to the company but still no recognition no bonus no aws. Only after i got another offer then they counter offer my salary to increase by 20% but would only increase in the next performance review which was 2 months away. Decided to stay and guess what! They even did not bother to bring up the topic for my increment during the review in the end. Sad industry.. Finally i was really fed up and decided to jump industry to tech and got 2x my previous salary..

So yea avoid this industry unless u really like it (i actl liked it but also got burnt)!!
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