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It's a tough one.

From a career standpoint, as a junior, unless you're in the strategy consulting team (with a differentiated pay scale compared to their mgmt consulting arm), you're probably going to be on the same trajectory as a banking tech guy. On average 3 years to 6k, 6 years to 9k monthly gross pay. I understand from an external market perspective, they did a recent consolidation between the 2 units - strategy and mgmt consulting - but apparently their compensation structures are still differentiated.

However, as a partner / MD in ACN's case, it's a good deal because they deal in mega transformation projects. Many juniors want to be in sexy strategy short term 3-month projects, and that's fine because its interesting and market pays relatively well. But as you move up in seniority, partners want more stable revenues with less BD effort and hence prefer to sell large scale long-term transformation projects.

From a market recognition standpoint, ACN's main strength is in digital / tech, not in Strategy. If you want to rank it based on pay, ACN strategy pays 10-20% less than OW / ATK at junior levels, and similar to RB. Any other unit in ACN pays significantly less than all the tier-2s. Prestige ranking is subjective, and very dependent on region, so probably won't lay it all out here.
Nope. ACN S&C donít pay 10-20% less than Tier 2. Firms like Kearney & OW pay from 6-7.5k ish and when they merged to 2 units, the starting pay for analyst is at arnd 4.8k base.
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