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My opinion:

MBB > Tier 2 strat house (OW S& ATK LEK RB - probably in that order from APAC perspective) > Banking tech > All other consulting (Big 4, boutiques)

1. In MBB/Tier 2, you will probably do a ~60/40 mix of strategy:transformation engagements (give or take 10% based on firm, industry, and region). Unless you want to delve deep into technology, you're still going to be more marketable to general commercial positions in 3-5 years time.

2. Yes, corporations are increasingly sophisticated and they have internal strategy / consulting units to do some of the work. However, management / c-suites somehow still leverage consultants for select opportunities, and many will want the rubber stamp from consulting firms.

3. On practical terms, as a full-time employee, you're probably better off in a tier 1/2 strategy house in terms of remuneration and exit options in the short to medium term. Banks are not going to pay in-house tech talent >10K in 3 years post-undergrad, which is what the tier1/2 consulting firms pay. You can then decide to leave after that, get a 10-20% pay bump in industry and work your way up from mid-mgr level.
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