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Interesting strategy work is no longer found in consulting. Think about it. Big players like MBB advise a lot of F500 companies. Do you honestly reckon that these companies would be comfortable sharing everything about their competitive strategies? There’s actually nothing stopping these consultancies from using this information to help a rival (which is actually one of the selling points of consulting - but it is dying as mentioned above). Projects these days are mostly to do with tech transformation (MBB are now focusing less on their strategy business and are instead growing their digital ones).
My opinion:

MBB > Tier 2 strat house (OW S& ATK LEK RB - probably in that order from APAC perspective) > Banking tech > All other consulting (Big 4, boutiques)

1. In MBB/Tier 2, you will probably do a ~60/40 mix of strategy:transformation engagements (give or take 10% based on firm, industry, and region). Unless you want to delve deep into technology, you're still going to be more marketable to general commercial positions in 3-5 years time.

2. Yes, corporations are increasingly sophisticated and they have internal strategy / consulting units to do some of the work. However, management / c-suites somehow still leverage consultants for select opportunities, and many will want the rubber stamp from consulting firms.

3. On practical terms, as a full-time employee, you're probably better off in a tier 1/2 strategy house in terms of remuneration and exit options in the short to medium term. Banks are not going to pay in-house tech talent >10K in 3 years post-undergrad, which is what the tier1/2 consulting firms pay. You can then decide to leave after that, get a 10-20% pay bump in industry and work your way up from mid-mgr level.
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