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He is being unfriendly bcus he blames foreigners for his incompetence. He knows that if there are less foreigners, he can probably have a life without slogging much. He can get away with his lack of talent.

But, the truth is that the way Singapore is, people will come and go. The exceptional ones will leave for better places, some may return to their homelands, and the middle ones will stick around to vex these people.

The OP is coming to study. There is no harm in that since NUS postgrads are mostly foreigners. Singaporeans who can do PG either chose to work or go abroad. The rest are not capable to they whine about not being given opportunities.

With growing options elsewhere, I recommend the OP to study n not worry a lot abt job. Its not that difficult to manage some kinda job to hang around if one is desperate to be in Singapore.
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