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Btw empagliflozin can be first line.
Since 2019, ESC/EASD can be first line for empa for patients with high cv risk.

Sglt2i is critical.

Some of the ops rp not sure whether fm or not.
Seem to by pass sglt2i. Then go straight to sulphonylurea, not good.

Dude that guy so fat already, insulin resistance ++ , su and insulin will worsen the weight.

They shld keep up to date with the literature.
Like u say lo. High CV risk because added cardiovascular benefit.
Applicable to patient or not?
Nothing wrong with using su what. I rather a well controlled hba1c rather than some possibiliy phantom cardio benefit that might not apply to my patient. Sglt2 is a dollar per tablet lei. For my patient some of whom are cleaners or Ur admin staff making 1.x to 2.x k a month, it's not cheap. Some come in with valsartan, sglt2 , crestor AND fenofibrate given by their private gp and I go seriously?
Have some 良心la.

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