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Much better as they belonged to the top 5%. Usually top MBA / Ivy league oxbridge credentials. Local Uni must be top of the top to even have a sniff.

In terms of hours worked they commit 50% more but at their earning trajectory most can retire early at 40 or start their own businesses.

Someone mentioned here did mention don't compare yourself with these elites as you will be miserable but the idea is to give you an awareness of the salary growth of normal banking folks vs elite banking folks. Ignorance is not bliss and knowledge is power. Living in denial and being deluded is the worst, aka an ostrich burying its head in the sand and pretending it is doing ok in the midst of danger.

If you are in IT, then you should find out more from those working in FAANG for an idea of what to expect if you have the luck to enter those when you job hop.
Possible for back office to break into front office?
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