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Been looking for a job for 1 year now. Just finished a second interview with a sb last thursday and HR called me on friday and said they are keen for me to join them, shared with me the designation they are pegging me at, asked for my current and expected salary. HR then said they will put my application up for process and approval and get back to me in 3-4 weeks time.

Can i ask if this means a verbal offer (high chance of getting the job) and what does processing the application here means? is it doing up the formal offer doing background checks or there is still a chance of rejection as they are processing me with other candidates.

Any advice will be much appreciated!
See my response to similar qns few pages earlier.

Which SB? I may be able to advise with accuracy if you are able to share.
Generally, verbal offer come with salary package.

Yours likely not but chances is high. Put it this way, HR will not waste time to process your application if the organization not keen. There's still chance of rejection if you fail the process, such as security clearance.

Not to worry as you already clear the most difficult stage which is interview, just relax and wait for HR to respond.
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