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Originally Posted by zero_88 View Post
2018 - Engineer - $3500 - 28 year old
2019 - Analyst - $4400 (change job)
2020 - Analyst - $4440 (year end increment)
2021 Jun - Analyst - $4900 31 year old (Mid year adjustment)

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Nice progression sia, thats a 40% increase over 3 years which is pretty hard to come by. You stay in the same company throughout or you jump?
the IT industry, this is within easy reach for an average person.

This also depends on industry you are in, e.g banking it's known for it's higher pay, but if I'm correct they work long hours too. (pinch of salt, I'm not from the banking sector so might be wrong)

Take into account your work life balance too than just the monthly figures.

5k/mth, works 8 hours a day
7k/mth, works 12 hours a day

Counting hourly rate, the 7k is getting paid lower.
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