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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Can anyone share more about transiting from practice in a Chinatown firm to in house? Which kind of companies to apply for?
Not chinatown but practised in a mid-large firm then went to a smaller firm for more hands-on opportunities before going inhouse to a large public-sector corp and then full on private sector. Litigation bg

Be realistic about your in house chances, especially if you're in liti. Don't gun straightaway for the Googles, Twitter, Apples, ByteDance etc. because those jobs r reserved for exiting Big4 corp lawyers

Get your foot in the door first; this may mean u start off in less sexy companies or industries. Government linked corps is probably as unsexy as it gets in this era of startups and fast growth tech

The key to inhouse is not to stagnate. Keep moving and don't stay too long unless u see urself being a GC there. If you stay still, your pay and opportunities, and therefore ur CV's overall marketability as a legal counsel, will stagnate

Nothing inhouse cannot be picked up on the job, but communication is the most key as r learning the ins and outs of the organisation and its idiosyncrasies

One thing to note is that you will definitely be lowballed on pay compared to a Big4 corp assoc applying for the same position. They'll use ur Chinatown profile n lack of corp exp as an excuse to lowball u. You just have to accept reality on this front. The good thing about coming in from non Big4 is that the likelihood that the move inhouse will represent a paycut, is low. In fact, it may even be a slight increase.

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