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So I was thinking that day, in medicine degree classification and which school you come from doesn’t matter. Once you’re a doctor, you’re supposed to save lives.

If you think degree classification and what school you come from for law is something that has been “invented” only now to deal with glut and what not, you’re wrong.
Remember, back in the good ol days, being an Oxbridge lawyer will get you access to many opportunities and privileges. It isn’t different today.

Granted, you can practice with 2:2, but take a look at all the top men and women in the legal profession. It’s always a fch, or an Oxbridge, or for some posts being valedictorian. Like AG, CJ etc
All this worship for Oxbridge is mind boggling and quite hilarious.

In America, Oxbridge is a tier B law school at best. Along the likes of Columbia, Chicago and NYU. It gets blown out of the water by the holy trinity of Harvard, Yale and Stanford.

Only in sinkieland where the best local university is NUS (lol!!!) is Oxbridge seen as some kind of godly accomplishment. Try bringing your precious Oxbridge llb to where it really matters - White shoe firms on Wall Street. You'd get laughed out of the office
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