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PAP can sacrifice the whole world for CECA and Indian variant.

Forsakening World Economic Forum and Shangri La Dialogue is small, but their organisers assessment that Sg is no longer suitable for the events is very damaging.

Forsakening Travel Bubble is small, but other countries' health ministries assessment that Sg is no longer safe to go with lesser covid monitoring is super damaging.

Forsakening sinkies' health is small, but India's Delhi Chief Minister and Delhi Health Minister assertion that SG has a variant that is deadly to small children is god-damned damaging.

Forsakening GDP growth is small, but closure of many small businesses due to WFH2.0 will cause a "lost generations" in entrepreneurship and is catastrophically damaging.

Forsaking sinkies' jobs is small, but to import CECA and Indian covid.... then to ask these imported CECA to WFH in SG is simply retard because u can hire and get them to WFH from India. The sheer stupidity is permanent damage to sg.
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