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What if you just join a chain group gp(e.g raffles, healthway, northeast medical grp etc)
You will just be an employee right, no need deal with rental tpa all these stuff?
And you can locum in your off day to supplement your income (something that Drs in ops can't do)
Chain hire u also have no locum contract clause.

Besides, u work all day , Saturday morning and probably 2 evening a week and u still want to locum? U pro.
If anything ,u work ops, u got more time ( but no necessary energy) to locum.
TPA and rent increase is real. They eat into profits and your salary eventually.

Go out if u dun want or can't study and pass exams. But be prepared to be squeezed. There is a price to pay for just being a mbbs and that is a sacrifice of your time. At one point aesthetic was good ..but everyone starts to come in too.
At ops, patient keep coming but sometimes got spare pockets of time chill a bit quite nice. In gp land , no patient come u feel stress from no income.
If I were to setup my clinic, I rather find a ulu spot, pay low rent , dun take TPA and see a good 20 to 30 cases a day and manage them properly. But then again , I'm properly trained and not Ur mbbs only.

Best is become specialist la. Do some knowledge based speciality like haematology , infectious disease or endocrine where it's more consultative in nature. Dun do gen med , cardio , gen surgery where u bear the grunt. Last time community hospital not too bad but heard getting worse also.

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