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Default trade offs

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
HAha... I agree!

Please allow me to copy this nice quote into my notebook (paper kind):

"There is no need for a melodramatic recital for what is essentially a simple job change..."
- Unregistered, 21-09-2011 11:28 AM, Forums.
haha well i do feel the dilemma of the melodramatic poster la. it's the uncertainty out there when taking the plunge and venturing out from public sector... but in his case it's a 20% pay rise, so why not yeah?

i actually do need some advice, maybe nice ppl in this forum can help me out here:

I'm planning for an eventual move out from public service to private, and I read somewhere from this forum that it's good to plan early so yup.

ok so some facts first.

23 yrs, 2+ years working experience in public service, graduated 1st class hons from overseas uni (not very fancy deg just a regular arts degree sigh)

starting salary (2009): 3.2k
end 2010: 3.7k
current: 4.2k

my performance rating last yr was c and my pb ard 2.5mths. I think i shld be on the equivalent of mx12.


when can i expect to hit ard $6k? or like will I ever, assuming my cep is like the grade before mid management?

im contemplating studying a professional degree like law. is it too late if i commence my 3yr jd or llb grad at 31 years old? Is it worth the effort and time considering what I can be earning in public service at 35 yrs old (the age I will be fully legally qualified) and also the foregone salary during the years of study?

are MNCs keen to hire cross overs from public service (say ard age 31) and is it very likely a pay cut is necessary?

keen to hear some views and sound advice thanks guys
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