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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Sorry lo. During interview the perm staff bluff me that it's the same and contract is like probation before convert to perm

It's only after I joined and worked 2 years realised that it's day and night.
Annual leave perm have more.
Bonus also perm have more.

Outsource is hired to do the work for the perm staff. Like their tools like that.
Thank god I left after 2 years and didn't waste my time here
same thing happened to me, manager promised conversion after a yr but every year give a lot of excuses to delay.

increment was used to be 90 - 200 when i was a temp there, so roughly 10 yr then you will get 4k if they offer you 3k as an fresh grad.

i left when i realized the thing i was tasked to do was too specific and only available in ST, if i wan to leave later, i might have no where to go.
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