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How much is AVP compliance/Internal audit paid for tier 2 banks (local banks, stan chart, hsbc etc) and for large international banks (credit suisse, JPM etc) ?
Local banks are at least one tier lower than the likes of Stanchart, HSBC and Citi, all of whom have much greater market cap than the three local banks. In terms of pay, local banks don't pay as well as them either, but are way better in terms of job stability. I guess that's the price you pay for a more stable job. The two international banks you mentioned, Credit Suisse and JPM, are indeed international banks, but are more commonly known as Bulge Bracket (BB) banks. BBs pay the most handsomely, even more than Stanchart, HSBC, Citi.... for some roles, large foreign banks (that are not very international) like BOC, MUFG, ING also pay better than local banks. Local bank HR are also known to lowball applicants so I'd say internal audit/compliance can get 3-6k in a local bank but in a good international bank, you can expect 5-9k.

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