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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Yes. My junior fresh grad 3 years ago was 3.5k. Increment to 3605 first year.
Then second year 3713 but due to new pay scheme was offered 4k.

He calculated that the system seem to have cheated him a few hundred.

Now I told him that fresh grad joining now 4.5k.

He is absolutely pissed off. And said something "wtf I have 3 years exp and I'm still paid lower than fresh grad." he said he won't help or guide fresh grad since they are paid higher than him

I agree with him. And I told him... I'm 5 years my starting pay was 3.3k that's even worst.
Fresh grad is so entitled now adays.
Fresh grads entitled? More like your company values fresh grads more than experienced people like yourself. Blame your company, not the fresh grads.

If you not happy with the pay, jolly well go apply elsewhere and see if you can get a higher pay. If not, pls diam and stop all your complaints. Dont make a fool out of yourself.
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