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Originally Posted by JobHunter45 View Post
I switched to private sector after 7 years but took a pay cut. From what i see from my and other former public servants' experience, private sector seems slightly bias against public sector (think we slack all day, work 9 to 5, happily enjoying cushy bonuses....ha if only!!). But perception aside most of our work is also not relevant to private sector...which explains the pay cut.

Maybe consider another govt body if you wanna keep your salary? I think public sector is slowly but surely deteriorating but there are pockets of hope to be found here and there.
Hello! Would you be open to sharing how you transitioned out of the public sector? I am looking to make the move too but feeling disappointed that we public servants aren't very much wanted in the private sector. I've always wanted to try venturing out to the industry and I really hope to make the move soon before I get too old and tied down to the stability and security of public sector work.

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