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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Go with the big 4 or the tech mnc
forget about joining the public sector
you will be in demand after you get about 10 years experience (even by the public sector)

that being said, if you dont have a solid technical foundation, your growth is limited
vendors will be able to smoke you and soon you will hit your ceiling
i always tell the guys under me, spend about 3-5 years doing solid technical work (programming and software engineering is a must), otherwise you will hit your ceiling as the soft skill stuff, lot of people can do, but not many can do that together with a solid technical grounding which allows you to be a problem solver (and not a problem bringer/reporter)
For problem reporter, i can only pay 3k max. Seriously, why do they need to be there if they can only report.. In US, no chance you will get hired in tech without technical knowledge. But in Singapore, I will call those role as IT not tech. Tech companies normally has high growth, tons of challenging problem to solve, and very much technical driven bottom up.

IT companies is the one like big 4 (pwc, Deloitte etc) working on uninteresting projects like web development. Companies are growing very slow. They call themselves agile, but I have never seen innovative products from them. More like copy cat from what big tech is doing 5 to 10 years ago.

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