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Alot of people assume work in big company is iron rice bowl cause job security.

if you have 1 division of 100 people.
Lets assume all get equal fresh grad starting pay 5k.

Thats 500k per month cost.
To sustain just for 2 years contract, that's 12 million.

If you just start a division right now with 100 fresh grad (not even the whole cohort of comp science), u already need 12 million of investment upfront just to ensure their job for 2 years.

Problem is nowadays fresh grad are too expensive.
And project cost are not expensive enough.

If i tell u 1 project is 1 million dollars, u already feel wah so expensive.
Just to sustain 100 fresh grad in 1 division all aimless walking around impostor syndrome u need 12 of this 1 million projects...

Use brain la.
Fresh grad is too expensive.
We haven't even count those high paid management..

CEO rather eat the 12 million as his bonus than setup a division of 100 fresh grads.
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