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Agree with the amount
But be careful of the pte tax trap.

Check with mohh. My time was 444k prorated. So if u serve 2.5 years will be 222k.

Now i heard is 666k, prorate at 2.5years of service is 333k.

Unless u really hate public service, I will advise u to stay.

Example MO get 6k pay month

In pte go do 50hours week get 14k per month. Quite xiong. But u pay back mohh 8k per month so left with 6k, plus your tax is based on your 14k. (i.e about 1-2k tax per month) In the end is quite Luigi.
50hrs/week xiong? Mos/residents work 80-100 hrs per week leh...
But agree should try to finish bond the leave.

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