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INSEAD only produces around 1000 MBA graduates per year - about 500 each in Jan and Sep intake. This makes me wonder if you are really from INSEAD.

A bias I need to point out is that MBA graduates may be unemployed in the short term not because they could not get a job, but perhaps could be due to the lack of suitable roles fitting of their aspirations and goals. That's precisely the reason why Stanford MBA's employment rate is lower than even a rank 20 MBA program. Top MBAs do not just take any job in the market - every move in their careers are planned with careful deliberation and is closely aligned with their final objectives. If a job doesn't cut it, they would rather not take it.

To add on, it is hard to get admitted to INSEAD not primarily because of the preparation work - GMAT, essays, interviews, etc (since you'll be pretty much doing the same thing for every other biz sch applications anyway), but largely due to the stringent selection criteria. There's a cap on every nationality in order to craft a diverse class. To be more specific, roughly about 10+ Singaporeans get admitted for each intake. So candidates are usually creme de la creme in order to beat the competition and get admitted.

Granted there's no 'INSEAD type' by skin colour or nationality, the diverse candidate pool can however be characterized by some pretty apparent common traits like strong leadership, global outlook, international work experience, high self-awareness, intellectual humility, and strong ability to contribute and effect change for the better.

And yes, I'm speaking as an INSEAD MBA.
I'm not quite sure why you guys are so hung up about an MBA. As a business owner and an employer, i couldn't care less about your MBA. I would rather you tell me how you can add value to my business? How you can increase the sales and bottomline of my company. Who cares about MBA other than academics? Elon Musk certainly don't give 2 hoots about MBAs.
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