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Originally Posted by COVID-19 View Post
Not very applicable. We call it "grades" here.
Grade 12: Assistant Director. Definitely above $5.9k, maybe $6.5k. Because after the increment I got above $5.9k, but still grade 12.
Grade 11: Assistant Director. Glassdoor says up to $9k.
Grades 9-10: Deputy Director. $9k to $16.7k. My DD colleagues can afford branded bags, cars, condo.
Grade 8: Deputy Director who is also Division Head. No idea about the pay.
Grades 5-7: Director who is either Team Lead (obsolete scheme) or Division Head or Department Head (just promoted). Glassdoors say $20.6k.
Grade 4: Executive Director. Definitely above $20k, because my boss say she got 10% paycut for covid-19, and that's more than $2000 per month.
Can you provide some ballpark number of years experience for average performer grade 12,11,10,9?

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