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Originally Posted by Old Bird View Post
ST engineering is only suitable for older people waiting for retirement or people who cannot get job because of poor degree cert and/or lack of experience. Most people leave 2-3 yrs after gaining enough experience to land another job at other companies.

Just think, with young employees waiting for the 2-3 yr experience mark and older employees in managerial roles waiting for retirement, how to work there? Most people there bo sim zo gan (don't put in effort in work). From bottom to top all the same.

Take it from a lau chiao: Invest in ST stock, but don't work there.
That much is true, but also bear in mind that a lot of people are not really interested in career development, rapid pay rise, promotion etc. They BS until like no tomorrow during interview, but many just want a stable job with low chance of retrench and stable guaranteed pay rise every year.

Like I say earlier, it all depends on what sort of lifestyle and career TS want, I will not recommend blanket statements like invest STE stock but donít work there.
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