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It really depends on the company's ability to generate restructuring projects in Singapore. Likely, nTan is the person who eats everything. He is the kingpin locally for all prominent lucrative projects, and Borreli walsh.

Most of the time for the boutique ones like RSM, Baker, big 4 even, you'll be doing liquidations, court liq, creditors voluntary windup etc. Its mainly pushing paper and printing letters, editing databases of creditors, nothing too hard to be honest.

If you managed to get into BW and NTan or Big 4, depending on your staffing, maybe you will get a CRO role, you get to beg banks to stall repayments or come out with a repayment plan, try to upend senior creditors if u are junior, cash out assets (mines, ships etc).

Paywise you'll be using big 4 as benchmark, boutique's pay probably take 10-20% lesser of big 4 benchmark. Nothing too interesting in a boutique firm, unless u enjoy doing paperwork and waiting for ink to dry. Bonuses for boutique probably AWS, but BW and Ntan potentially 3-6 months depending on your staffing on engagements.

Life style in Boutiques you are looking at 9-6 pm, hardly OT. Stronger restructuring could be 3-4 am. Pretty intense but you will get to learn and see alot of how crazy the world is..

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