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Wow! Graduated from UOL and you get only $2k? that's demoralizing. No offense.

I'm a diploma holder. After 3.5 years in the working world, my current salary is $2k.
At present, I'm taking a part-time degree from UOL and from your $2k starting salary, I'm starting to think that I'm wasting my money and time taking higher studies @ UOL. I hope I'm not making the wrong choice.

Do you mind sharing what industry are you working in?
So when you take UOL what kind of pay increase are you looking for exactly? No offense to you also, but if your UOL degree is generic business admin or humanities go outside look for job at most co. will only consider you as fresh local degree grad ~2.4k.

It all depends on your expectations, if you study as some sort of self development for the future, it will help you career wise modestly over long term. But if you are expecting some sort of significant jump in pay, dun think it will happen.
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