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Poor work-life balance causing IT shortfall?
by Tan Weizhen
04:46 AM Sep 13, 2011

SINGAPORE - As the IT industry in Singapore grapples with a shortfall in professionals, a survey has found that half of the IT professionals polled reported that they face more problems with work-life balance in their profession, compared to those in other occupations.

Conducted among 1,024 IT professionals and 692 students by the Singapore Computer Society (SCS), respondents said they have less time for their families and face stress that affects their ability to perform other roles in their lives.

This could be a major reason for the shortage of IT professionals here as well as why 23 per cent of respondents indicated they would leave the industry, said Mr Robert Chew, an SCS executive council member, who presented the survey findings at a media briefing yesterday.

Other factors include perceived lower salaries in the industry.

The survey also found that the most preferred industry for IT professionals and students was the financial sector but the sector only employs only 8 per cent of all the professionals surveyed.

TODAYonline | Singapore | Poor work-life balance causing IT shortfall?
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