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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
if you graduate from Melbourne law: I'd say work in Australia in a transactional practice first if you are able to. and if you can get into something more transferable like banking & finance at a mid or top tier, even better.

the toxic SG competitive culture from our education system here (esp NUS/SMU) leaks into practice - translating into work cultures at many local firms (esp the big 4) that aren't as healthy compared to Aus (at least that's what I hear). So I wouldn't recommend grinding your initial years here if you have the option to do so in Australia. you can always come back later as a (foreign registered lawyer) lateral or in-house.

as to your question specifically, the profession in Singapore (excluding foreign lawyers) isn't the most diverse. I think people still compare NUS and SMU graduates. Some people also think that Aus is trash in general. You get the gist.

If I may, I think the question of 'where do you wanna work?' should guide your decision-making.
Also, lateral opportunities from Australia to UK/HK/Dubai are really good (in addition to lateralling to international firms in Singapore.
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