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Nurses 14% pay rise, doctors 0% wow
did u expect anything else from our government?

for some reason doctors are always left out when it comes to salary reviews/ remuneration. did we not work as hard as or harder than nurses and allied health staff during COVID? are we not part of the healthcare community that led and braved the war against COVID and are still doing so up till this day?

i dont have anything against nurses.. but seriously speaking the nature of their work is not comparable to doctors - not the difficulty nor the responsibility it carries. all they do is take instructions from doctors. dispense meds, take vital signs, "pass report", clean patients up etc. IMHO even radiographers and sonographers have more skill - they need to know how to do ultrasound, scan CT/MRI and all its complexities.

back to the main point - drs are under appreciated and underpaid (those under MOHH anyway).
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