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Originally Posted by goaswind View Post
10 years ago there's still 5% max increment. I think now no more. Not sure if this apply to a higher position in the new hospital.
I can confirm there is no pay increment if you are hopping to another institution, if the job grade remains the same. HR will only match your last drawn, this is an unspoken rule among the various healthcare clusters. No pay increment to prevent healthcare workers from job hopping every 2, 3 years.

The only pay increment we get is the pathetic $100 plus we get every year, if you are lucky to get promoted, you will be awarded a $200 plus increment, or so I heard. Mind you, promotion takes ages. I have been working for 6 years and I can't even smell promotion...

Plus the high stress we faced at work every day.. Honestly it's not worth it for the pay that we are getting.
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