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Originally Posted by dazzlego View Post
i am a (no honour) degree holder and thinking of taking nie cert next year
anybody can tell me how much is a school teacher earn per year after graduate from nie and how will it increase every year?
Yup,it is critically important that you have the passion and aptitude for the job.To be honest,it is not as easy as it seems.You may even find that the number of hours that you put in may not commensurate with the salary.But you must not mind this and in fact go beyond for the sake of the students under your care.
I have a very close friend who joined the profession in 2005 as a mid career entrant.His pay then was $3.5k per month.Now he is drawing slightly close to $6k monthly.Certainly not the best in the world but he can make ends meet.But there is a ceiling in terms of pay unless you are promoted to leadership positions which will elevate the ceiling higher.But bear in mind that the ceiling is well below $10k per month even for heads of department.Do consider carefully and talk to people you know who are in the teaching profession before making a decision.
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