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Hi, thanks for sharing! I actually emailed the moe connect team and they mentioned that if my last day of service is on 31 Dec 2021, Iíll be eligible for the payout. Because technically the connect deposit eligibility for the year is 1 Jan to 15 Nov. So I was thinking to tender on 30 Nov 2021 to give one month notice and then have my last day to be on 31 Dec 2021. May I know how did you find out that we have to stay till the following year in order to receive the payout? Because if thatís really the case, then itíll be a totally different story and I may not be keen to stay one more year just to get $10k. Once again, thanks for sharing!
If I were you, I will submit my letter of resignation on the last day of school, so that they won`t give me papers to set for the following year (happened to us in our former school). Submit on the 15 and set in the letter of resignation that your last day of service is 1 january 2022. Then look for a job. On 31 Dec, the connect plan will be banked in minus deductions for CPF. Apply for leave to go on a short holiday and plan for interviews in the month to come. You can always come back to teach part-time if you can`t get a job in the meantime. This way there is no pressure. But don`t be fooled to return to service because schools may try to do that because they can`t get teachers which they will try to bargain with you.

Good luck! Don`t stay too long because I stayed for 11 years and I can tell you the longer you stay, the harder the readjustment. If you are unsure, I can tell you that is a sign that you should resign.

You are not alone. Although MOE claims 1000 teachers resign each year, that is untrue. The numbers seems closer to 2000 teachers resigning each year. NIE alone takes in two semestral intakes in the low of 3000 trainee teachers per year, some of whom won`t pass practicum. Why does MOE recruit 3000 trainees when 1000 resign each year and this does not include teachers who retire, early retire, pass away and on leave?

MOE is not transparent but the numbers don`t lie. The education statistics indicate a significant number of teachers resigning in the first 15 years of teaching with the biggest drop in the first 10 years. The most significant is in the first 7 years.

MOE has not reformed its system. It will not change until enough teachers organise themselves like in America and stopped teaching until better working conditions are adhered to. In the meantime, MOE will continue with cosmetic changes without really changing anything.

When I was teaching, I saw 3-4 teachers resigning each year. This does not include those who choose to transfer schools only to eventually resign. Transfering is delaying the inevitable because its the same system in these other schools. I speak from experience.

Best of luck!
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