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You know it's over when public sector jobs pay just as well as the local banks. Plus these guys get mid-year bonus, year-end bonus and 13th-month bonus. In a normal economic year, this works out to be about 2 months already. Haven't even counted the variable performance bonus yet. Some time ago MAS used to be a dumping ground, but today the hierarchy is BB>MAS>DBS/OCBC/UOB. MAS salary package today is way better than the 3 local banks.... But don't take my word for it, I urge all those considering OCBC GTP and DBS GA to ask the HR during the interview process 2 questions, 1. Is there 13th month bonus? 2. What is the variable bonus like over the past 5 years? HR will likely try to fudge some vague answer to 2 by saying depends on your division and performance, so be specific about it, specify the division and request for average figure, in other words what did the average performer get on average over the last 5 years in the division you are applying to.
But MAS no chiobu bankers to beo, boooo
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