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BO roles still pay pretty decent (if compared to the average fresh grad job across the board) Like what the post above said, better than being jobless.
I don't deny that BO roles pay decently. In fact, OCBC GTP and most other bank fresh grad programmes don't pay less just because it's a BO role. So the problem is not so much starting pay rather than future pay (and progression). Your FO and MO peers would be earning more than you in 3-5 years' time I can guarantee you that. Reason is because BO roles are simple, so labour supply is high. In ops, as a local uni grad, you'll be competing with private uni grads, 3rd tier overseas uni grads and experienced aunties and uncles. In tech, you'll be competing with CECA Indians. Last I checked, there are over a billion of them. SG banks' tech divisions are 80% Indians, I kid you not. They are simply unable to attract local talent, because much of the work involves archaic IT systems that no local CS grad worth their salt would want to do. The local grads they attract almost all come from non-tech related courses looking to kickstart a lucrative career in tech. Most will end up disappointed, as not only are the systems and programming languages so dated that they are used by few other companies, "digital transformation" is more marketing phrase than reality. Lastly, I heard that progression in ops and tech in OCBC GTP is slower than in other divisions as well, especially from Manager to AVP rank.
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