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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Last order 10 pm is last order lo.
Last train is 1158 pm means its 1158 pm... Not 1203 am. Ask your boss to go die la.

No increment. No bloody bonus. Want me to work extra.
I not stupid.
In the 2nd in ST before I left, I leave on time or at most 15 minutes more because of bus timing. I really got marked down on that in appraisal, increment and everything.

Want senior engineer / Assistant PE don't want to promote, use E5 to with experience to be "senior" in the team.

My final year in ST, I left even before 6pm. Since I already made up my mind and was already looking out for new job, I got nothing to lose from there already. Can't even be bothered to stay for the bonus then.
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