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Default Switching from disputes to corp

Hi all, junior disputes assoc in a big 4 firm here – looking to switch into corporate practice (corp finance / M&A etc).

From job postings online, it looks like mid-tier / big firms that do corp work often have fairly strict requirements on hiring only candidates with relevant experience. Does anyone know if it is possible for someone with no corp experience to get into these roles?

Supposing that an offer from a small corp firm comes through, would it make sense to sacrifice (1) salary and (2) the “branding” of a big 4 firm in exchange for exposure to corp work (and then apply for mid-tier / bigger firms at a later stage)?

I am a little bit concerned that the size of the firm will not be looked on favourably with future employers. It may be better to remain in my current role until an offer from a bigger firm comes along – but again, this may be unrealistic (esp. in COVID times) because I lack corp experience. I am also a bit mindful about becoming increasingly entrenched in disputes work if I stay, though I suppose at a junior stage it may not make a huge difference.

Would be very grateful for any views/advice, thanks!

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