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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Not really. Plenty of sim grads in your dream job (DBS - lol) and many earning more than you in ACN.

No real need for me to reveal specifics. I mean I can also point you to sim grads one level up (eg Big Tech - AWS, BBs- JPM/CS/UBS, F500 FLDP) but.. it seems a bit to cruel given your limitations.
Ah, of course - no need to reveal 😂

Eh not gonna lie though, liddat your consistent claims of 4k salary become a bit empty...

But don't worry lah, I still believe you, if that makes you feel better

Wow! 4k salary - upz bro! Cannot make it into local uni, but somehow out earn local grads! power lah SIM warrior 😂


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