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Honestly if I'm a China company and want to setup a HQ in Singapore.
I need a product manager that has connection and get things done in Singapore and take instruction from China.

Why would I hire a fresh grad for this job?

E.g. We need to submit this product for certification.

Fresh grad : OK? What do I need to do.
Me : erm we hire you to manage the product. Can u like take initiative to find out which Singapore board we need. What is the approval process. Form to fill etc.
Fresh grad : erm.


Me: our Singapore client complain you never meet deadline, the business meeting next week why you not familiar with our product.
Fresh grad : erm nobodu brief me I also don't know our system how it work...


Me : can you liase with the shipment, we need to send the equipment to Singapore factory. Covid all the restriction, we need to get it thru by end or march... Can you arrange it?
Fresh grad : erm? How? Who do I reach out? Someone help.

No idea why people would hire fresh grad for a position that requires managerial and people skill....


Me : our Singapore client complain our product no quality can you handle then.
Fresh grad : how???
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