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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Fresh grad need a reality check.
This coming from a comp Sci nus graduate class of 2015.

I don't claim to be scholar or godlike. I'm second upper.
Havr developed and deployed actual working applications.
Website. Mobile. Web services. Reporting. Sql. Prototype. WiFi. Data analytics basic algorithms.
Image processing.

For a fresh grad to claim 5k is the acceptable starting pay. What a joke.
Each year I see fresh grad asking for than working people.

And yet they can't even write a simple working app with exception handling!!!!
Who we kidding fresh grad experience is limited to just computer lab work.

For an industry to value fresh grad over proven working experience is aslap in the face.
No wonder so many imposter syndrome in IT from fresh grad.

All throw out theory like they have value. If you can't write code to actualize a concept from a requirement spec to something user can use touch and pay money for.

Why do you think you are worth 5k???

I blame this on the government. Its the same thing they did back in the earlier days.. Engineering push bit engineers end up not getting really good pay. Then they push for bio engineering, life sciences I see my classmates from those branch come up with no job, join insurance etc.

Now government pushing for tech industry. Smart nation ********.
Here's a newsflash the tech industry bubble is in 2000 during the time of Google Facebook etc.

Honestly this gives me good ammo to abuse fresh grad who join!!!
Get on with the time lah trash, now 2015 ah? Every decent 2nd upper in CS can get 4.5k above lol
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