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Yes but this is not DBS Seed right?
But i guess if unqualified people are hired from their event it is probably DBSís own fault for assessing it that way. Anyway we are all fresh graduates, letís just help each other instead of lamenting about it. It will definitely make the workplace a much better place. By helping others is also a way to help yourself too.
I am helping guys who I know of that work hard yet arent able to get a placement not because of they lack merits or skills but because the pee standing up.

FYI, DBS does 50/50 hiring
This means that if there is 100 intake for the SEED programme and 100 participants for the hackathon with (40 females and 60 males) guess who has to fight for the placement.

Women in Tech is a great movement overseas. But the question is, is it relevant in Singapore?

Maybe you can wear the shoes of males who complete their unversity studies at 24/25 YO and yet have to compete with other males for a spot in tech, whereas female counter parts have fast tracked interviews for job placement

Well we can just brush it under the rug cuz only guys are the ones affected right :> what a great time to be a women in tech

Yes maybe im delusional, if im please explain whats wrong with my thinking glad to hear anyones opinion
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