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Sad but its true, im in another bank as a software engineer. Joined via their hackathon as well. Women in Tech is a discriminatory hiring practice IMHO given that Computer Science cohorts have a higher ratio of males.

I am not saying that all women software engineers are bad, but the hiring practice of 50:50 isn't based on meritocracy as there are fast-tracked & less-stringent hiring interviews for women as compared to men.

I know of females (2nd lower results) who only require 1 interview to get the same job whereas the males (2nd upper) had to go through 2 to 3 rounds of interviews. In fact the job description required a 2nd upper (common for banks).

I don't know why nobody speaks up on this issue, but anyone can correct me if I am wrong and provide your input.
Me too. Donít really get why the heavy emphasis on the 50/50. Get the job done Who cares if you male female non binary whatsoever.

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