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Doesn't make sense for a FT doctor to have a 2 years advantage due to not serving NS over his Singaporean male counterpart?

2 years can make a lot of difference in terms of competition for residency or salary. Why are Singaporean citizens being disadvantaged?
Speaking as a foreign talent here.
Foreigner don't get tax rebate like Singaporeans. There is your advantage.
Foreigner don't get subsidy for education, training etc. There is your advantage.
Your children go to primary school for free. Foreigner have to pay.
Foreigner don't get HDB, housing free BTO subsidy for you Singaporean to become millionaire later when you sell it in open market. There is your advantage.
Foreigner don't get what nonsense free money during general election or what baby nonsense ****. There is your advantage.

Foreigner do all the **** work. Where is all you Singaporean.why Singaporean not laying break and building houses or renovating toilet.
Singaporean only know how to complain. If anything, forefinger pay more taxes to be in this company just so Singaporean can get all this so called subsidy.
Foreifner don't get to buy house have to rent from so called Singaporean giving them free income.

If you have issue, you should be able questioning why Singaporean female don't have to serve like their counterpart male. Woman loves woman rights so much. Equal rights. How about woman start serving as equal and hold their own then.

This covid foreigner also need to work in covid yet only bloody Singaporean get to enjoy voucher to explore Singapore. Using our foreigners paid taxes. Joke.
Foreigner don't get any advantage. We paid for everything to be here
Food. Houses. Taxes. Higher premium. Infrastructure
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